Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thoughts on Garden Ideas

I like the idea of being able to introduce a new digimal as a reward for caring for plants. I think there would be a temptation to overwater though as people would be anxious to get a new one and I would hate for the well-being of the digimals to outweigh the importance of the health of the plants. Perhaps instead, people could be rewarded for for going for 7 days without falling into extremely dry. (This will penalize people with cactii and succulents even more so than they are already though).

Feedback for the collective moisture of the community plants would also be good.

I might also suggest negative feedback if any plant(s) is extremely dry for a whole week. Such as a mean carnivorous digimal that will damage and/or eat other digimals.

Our hopes for a carbon dioxide sensor have been revived by Six who believes that one of his former classmates did a project with $200 CO2 sensors and that sealing the room wasn't necessary. He's trying to track her down now for more info. I would love to have one more biochemical sensor input to reinforce the natural ecology aspects of the environment.

Also, some folks have brought up concerns that the touchscreen will dominate the room. But Silvia and Bonnie bought some hardware so that we can hang plants on the walls on either side of the touchscreen to help balance things out.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Viva Piñata

I have a couple friends who are addicted to this game, Viva Pinata. I think it is interesting wrt the hybrid ecology idea. You build a garden and different gardens attract different kinds of creatures. It might be interesting to check this game out sometime.